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Artistic Murals By: Tamara Gerkin

West Palm Beach, Florida

Jane and Charlie's family room...

Charlie and Jane copy.jpg (249118 bytes)

Charlie & Jane

Day 1

Jane in front of wall.jpg (75699 bytes)


Last Day

(And she's still smiling...)

George checking things out..jpg (30390 bytes)

Our little  George; the sweet cat that kept me company everyday.

Charlie, Jane, George & 

The Wall!

It's-A-Turtles-Life 3.jpg (119038 bytes)

Hey...What's a zone?


finished West Palm Beach J&C's c.jpg (279151 bytes)

Size: 14' x 24' 

J&C's Mural nearly full view-c.jpg (341308 bytes)


Medium:  Acrylic Paint

Left side full mural-c.jpg (389561 bytes)

Before Jane's bird

Jane and Charlie left c.jpg (104130 bytes)

After Jane's bird

bird_on_waters_edge_cTamara+20.jpg (311840 bytes)


Jane's bird before her little birds showed up.

Center_full_mural-cTamara+20.jpg (372648 bytes)


Jane's flying bird over her turtles and unclaimed fish.

Right side full mural-.jpg (376082 bytes)

Charlie's Grouper...Keeping an eye on the kitchen. What's for dinner Charlie? I'm HUNGRY!

left and center of mural c.jpg (147074 bytes)

One of my favorite portions of the mural.

boat_cTamara 1+20.jpg (379553 bytes)

Charlie's sailboat without sails. Gee, guess I'll have to return to finish the boat...  :)

dolphins_jumping_c 1.jpg (343865 bytes)

Hey Jane, are these your dolphins or mine?

new_dolphins 1_c.jpg (444961 bytes)

Another favorite area...


Charlie, I'm hungry...Got food? Italian food? Delicious, colorful Italian food?

reef_c.jpg (163082 bytes)

The tiny little fish are mine, not George's, not Jane's and not Charlie's. They're mine!

Jane's turtle-c.jpg (268202 bytes)

Jane's Big turtle

Janes_baby_turtle_and_fish1-c.jpg (456304 bytes)

Jane's little turtle

Charlies_shipwreck__grouper 1-c.jpg (376808 bytes)

Charlie's sunken ship-wreck piece and Grouper

close-up_of_grouper1-c.jpg (445968 bytes)

Charlie's Grouper


Artsy Frog p web.jpg (35333 bytes)

My frog, my shark & my Snickers Candy Bar! 

shark  660.jpg (279677 bytes)

The Phantom Shark searching for Charlie's paper leg.


Check out the Charlie & Jane. archive


I sure do miss you bunches Charlie and Jane!    I think its time to start searching for Fernando IV, don't you?




 Original artworks by: Tamara GerkinCopyright 1999-2008 by Artistic Murals/ Tamara Gerkin. All rights reserved.  

Revised: 25 Jan 2015 17:38:42 -0500